Frequently Asked Questions

Resident Life

  • What are my options for paying my rent?
    Rent can be paid with a check or money order or online using a debit or credit card, via Henri Home, our resident portal.
  • Am I required to purchase renter's insurance? If so, what is the fee?
    While renter’s insurance is recommended, it not required.  It is up to the resident if they carry renter’s insurance or not.
  • What happens if a resident is locked out of their apartment?
    Locked out residents can call the 24-hour emergency number to be put in touch with the appropriate staff person.  He/she that is on-call can come by to let the resident back in.  There is a $50.00 charge for lockout service. 
  • How do I submit a maintenance request?
    Generally making a maintenance request should go through our community portal (Henri).  Residents can also tell us or email us directly and we will let maintenance know.
  • Do you have on-site maintenance?
    Yes, maintenance is on-site M-F.
  • What is the guest policy?
    Guests are allowed but you are responsible for your guests.
  • How do I pay for electricity and water?
    All utilities are included with the rent.  There are no separate bills for water or electric.  Also included is high-speed Ethernet connection.  Each apartment has a port that can be plugged into for Ethernet service from the UW.  Residents wanting/needing/wishing to use wifi should provide their own wireless router.  No modem is needed.
  • Do I need to sort recycling and garbage?
    Yes. Garbage goes down the trash chute (chute access is available on all floors except the ground floor and the 8th floor).  Recycling does not need to be sorted (paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, etc).  It all goes in the same place.  We have a recycling room on our ground floor with 4 dumpsters residents can put their recyclables in.  We also have a bin for Compost waste.

Application Process

  • What other relevant fees or charges should I know about?
  • Are there any move in charges?
    There is a Hold fee ($99.00) to reserve the apartment.  The applicant then pays $36.50 for the background screening application.  When the lease begins, we collect two more payments.  One is for the security deposit ($400.00) and the other is for the first month’s rent (pro-rated for the date the lease begins.)
  • If I want to hold an apartment, how do I do that?
    Applicants should get on our waitlist.  This waitlist is used when we have available apartments to rent.  It does not cost anything or commit anyone to anything by getting on our waitlist.  When we have apartments come available, we will send out an offer of available units to students on our waitlist, priority being given to graduate students.
  • Do you accept a shorter lease term?
    All leases here go through July 31st of each year.  Lease length is dependent on when the unit is available and when the resident’s lease begins.
  • How long does it take for an application to be approved?
    It can generally be completed/confirmed within 2-3 business days provided the applicant is prompt in completing the necessary steps but can vary depending on individual screening.  The return of the background screening recommendation is generally the item that takes the longest to come back to us.
  • What are the application criteria?
    Resident’s must be at least 18 years of age at move-in.  Must be (or will be) an actively matriculated student of the UW.  Spouses are permitted as long as one person of the couple is a student of the UW.  (No couples with children are allowed to rent here.)


  • Is smoking allowed?
    No, smoking is prohibited on the property.
  • Do you have storage units available?
    Yes.  Again, they rent for $30.00 a month.  They are roughly the size of an elevator car, approx. 5’x5’x8’
  • Do you offer bike storage?
    No.  However, we do have storage lockers available for rent ($30.00 per month) that some residents will on occasion rent for their bike(s).
  • What are your pet fees? Are they refundable?
  • Is your property pet-friendly?
    No pets are allowed by residents.  (ESA’s are allowed with proper documentation from the resident’s provider.)
  • What amenities do the apartment include?
    All apartments are unfurnished.  Kitchens come equipped with a full-size refrigerator, electric oven/range, dishwasher and garbage disposal in the sink. 
  • Does the building have a security system?
    Yes, in the sense that the building is locked 24-hours a day.  Access is gained via a fob or building’s intercom system.  We have security cameras as well on the first floor, ground floor and at our entryways.
  • What is the parking fee?
    $189.20 per month and a pass must be purchased quarterly at $567.60 through UW Parking office with our approval.
  • Is there parking available?
    We do not have on-site parking, per se.  When residents here require parking, we can authorize them to park in one of two UW managed parking garages.  Both are covered and semi-secure.  Once we send the authorization over to Transportation Services for the resident, the resident would reach out to Transportation Services to request the permit.  They in turn will provide further information/instruction on how to go about paying for and obtaining the permit.